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SRI RAMANA COMMUNITY PAGE:  List of Individuals and groups interested in the Teachings of

Sri Ramana Maharshi.  Listed according to City, State and Country.


Regarding the next two links, SRI RAMANASRAMAM NEIGHBORHOOD and TRAVELING TO TIRUVANNAMALAI.  I do not recommend that anyone make a trip to India for any spiritually related purpose such as to visit Sri Ramanasramam or to visit Arunachala, etc.  Arunachala is the Self, and the Self is within us. To look upon Arunachala as the Self is to take the Direct Path.  To look upon Arunachala as a mountain in India is to take an indirect path.  When people asked about making such a trip, Sri Ramana almost always advised against making such a journey.  Therefore it might look like a contradiction to provide the travel information below.  However, I know that many people will not follow my advice or Sri Ramana’s repeated advice against making such a Journey.  I can well understand the desire of those who view Sri Ramana as their Guru to make such a trip, even though Sri Ramana so often advised against it.  Therefore, for those people who are going to go to Tiruvannamalai, I would like them to have the best experience possible and I wish them well.  Therefore, to make the journey a good experience for them, I have provided the following map and directions of the Sri Ramanasramam Neighborhood, and the other information link.  Printing up the map and directions and taking it with one to Tiruvannamalai, can dramatically improve the quality of one’s experience in a trip to Tiruvannamalai, because then one instantly has the feeling of knowing where things are instead of the feeling of being lost. 

Also, all that energy is saved that one would have spent in trying to find places. 




TRAVELING TO TIRUVANNAMALAI:  Lots of information including ashrams, accommodations and local gurus.